Innovation is the key to keep growing our business along with Customers. We invest most here !


We spread across glob but focused only towards Customers. Dedicated team for each project requirement


Our Applications interact with thousands of Customers everyday and counts their opinion via feedback / AI


Promotion is the ideal business strategy to excel in business. Our Dedicated Social Promotion team does magic !

About Infoday

We Infoday, experienced over a decade in Data Management, Search Engine Optimization, Web Publishing, Monetization of Digital Content, Online Brand establishment, Data Research and development. Our business principle remain simple..."Add value to Customers"

What we follow?

  • Understand Customers
  • Design whats really Needed
  • Add Value to their Business
  • Implement and improve via feedback
  • Share Knowledge
  • Market Research
  • Keep Innovating
  • Grow with Customers

Our Services

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Web Publishing

Selectively, we work as web publisher and create the Value added Content for users.

Digital Monetization

Experienced over a decade on monetization of Digital Content with business partners from US, Europe and Asia.

Data Management

Work immensely on the data we collect and process with various application to deliver Best in Class.

Brand Management

Brand Establishment is the key to succeed in Business, Our focus remains concentrated here.

SEO - Improvement

Search Engine Optimization is Core Strength! We're masters for decades

Data Research

Our Research team identifies the Business Opportunity based on the data provided and validate for further business prospects.


We do very Simple things, but more efficient, dedicated and focused !

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